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AKAME 48 Waterfalls

Director : Genjirou ARATO;
Starring : Takijirou ONISHI; Shinobu TERAJIMA; Michiyo OKUSU; Yuya UCHIDA at el.;
Production Year : 2003
"AKAME 48 Waterfalls" is based on the novel entitled "Akame Shijuuyataki Shinju Misui" (The lovers' failed double suicide attempt at Akame 48 waterfalls). It was written by Chokitsu Kurumatani and received the Naoki Sanjugo Award, one of the most important literature prozes in Japan.

The main character, Ikushima, has kept a distance from the world. He drifts to Amagasaki to join the ranks of those who have no place in society. But the people of Amagasaki feel he does not belong in their midst. One day he falls in love with Aya who is the lover of a local tattoo artist. Yuya plays the part of this demonic tattoo artist named Horimayu. "AKAME 48 Waterfalls" won more than 20 Japanese movie awards.

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