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No More Comics!

Director: Yojiro Takita / Script: Yuya Uchida; Isao Takagi;
Starring: Yuya Uchida; Yumi Aso; Masahiro Kuwana; Rikiya Yasuoka; Eriko Watanabe; Taiji Tonoyama; Yoshio Harada; Takeshi Yokozawa; Kazuyoshi Miura; Beat Takeshi; Hiromi Go
Production Year : 1986

Yuya wrote the script and played the leading role in "No More Comics!"

When the film was completed, however, many cinemas were hesitant to show it. Some months later, though, people began to understand its true value. This film is based on the Japanese gossip world. Yuya played the role of a paparazzo who questions whether or not the paparazzi can behave in a moral way.

This film was selected to play during the Director's Fortnight of the Cannes International Film Festival. The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times (see photo right) both reviewed the film.

"No More Comics!" won the "Best Film Award" and the "Best Actor in a Leading Role" at the Houchi Film Awards, the "Best Script Award" of the Mainichi Film Concours and the "Best Actor in a Leading Role" at the "Cinema Jumpo Awards" in 1986.

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