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World Rock Festival

In 1975, Yuya organized the "World Rock Festival". Jeff Beck, Felix Pappalardi and the New York Dolls came to Japan. Yuya believes that Rock is not only a form of music but also an excellent tool for communication. There are no borders in Rock'n'Roll. When they play music, the differences between Japanese and Westerners become irrelevant. We can feel and understand each other.

Musicians: Anzen Band, Cabaret, Carmen Maki & OZ, Cosmos Factory, Creation, Far East Family Band, Felix Pappalardi, Joe, Gedo, Jeff Beck, New York Dolls, West Road Blues Band, Yellow, Yonin Bayashi, Yuya Uchida & 1815 Rock'n'Roll Band.

In 1976, He held "World Rock Festival 2". The Rocky Horror Show, Lon & Derrek and Testu Yamauchi appeared on the stage.


- Rollienne

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