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Black Rain

Director : Ridley SCOTT;
Starring : Michael DOUGLAS; Kate CAPSHAW; Ken TAKAKURA; Yusaku MATSUDA; Andy GARCIA; Tomisaburo WAKAYAMA; Yuya UCHIDA at el.;
Production Year : 1989
"Black Rain", directed by Ridley Scott, is a movie about culture clash in the criminal underworld. Three types of character are portrayed in the film: the first is a typical New Yorker, the second is an old-guard Japanese and the third is a member of the terrible young generation!

Yuya plays the role of one of the "terrible young generation".

This was the last film made starring Yusaku Matsuda, one of Yuya's closest friends. He died of cancer at the age of 39. For Japanese people, this movie serves as a memorial to Yusaku.

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